Prejudice-free? How does that work?

here is what and why we would do here

My America Without Prejudice Project is not a project free of prejudice; it's a project that seeks to free you from your prejudice when you hear about other people's American experiences.

Not every black person or undocumented immigrant is an uneducated criminal. Not every New Yorker is a liberal. Not every Muslim hates America. Not every white person owns a hunting rifle. Sometimes stereotypes prevent us from actually hearing other people out.

To achieve the goal, this project has two parts — the cards with unattributed quotes summarize someone's American experience and a profile story behind each author of the quote.


  1. Look at the quotes first, then point to the card you like to reveal the basic information about the author of the quote.

  2. If a quote interests you, you can click the "More" option on a card and proceed to a profile about the person behind each quote. 

Gwen, 34

White American woman, Muslim

My America is adolescent because Americans believe first news reports they hear instead of researching it for themselves and developing their own opinion. America still needs to mature to be effective in the world community

Sofiyat Ibrahim, 21

Black woman, immigrant

My America is the world's big brother who is going through a seemingly never-ending middle-life crisis. He needs a wake-up call, a big one

Larry Good, 41

White American man

My America is the one that believes the path to greatness is to go backward instead of going forward

In My America, you gotta pick your struggle

Brandon Palmore, 25

Black American man

Faith-Joy Kpoto, 21

Black woman, immigrant

My America is like a white, Christian, handsome, middle-aged man, who is standing naked in front of the mirror, admiring himself."

My America is in the image of my 94-year-old Mexican American grandmother waking up every morning and raising the American flag on her front porch. It is the Land of opportunities, fundamentally good people, and hope.

Jon Coleman, 28

White American man